I want a new phone system. What's the process?


Step 1 - Call us  :-)

We are here to help and we are really nice. We want to provide you a system that you will like and afford. We will ask you questions such as:

  1. How many phones do you need?
  2. How many incoming/outgoing lines do you have?
  3. Do you need voicemail?
  4. Do you need direct lines for everyone?
  5. Are you looking for any special features?
  6. Would you like for us to remotely access the telephone system at no charge in case you ever have an issue?
  7. We can even assess your telephone bill to see if there are any savings available to you.

And if you are not sure about any of the questions above, we will be happy to thoroughly and patiently go through everything with you. Better yet, we will even come out and meet with you at no charge or obligation!

As soon as we have all the information, we will send you out a quote the same day. We typically call the next day to confirm that it has been received, to see if you have any initial questions, and then we leave you alone to make your decision. No daily calls to harass you in your decision.

Step 2 - It's a go!

Once we have a "go", we will come by and get a bit of information from you such as:

  1. First and last names of all the users
  2. Email addresses for voicemail to email
  3. Get a copy of your auto attendant and/or help you compose one
  4. Set up a convenient time and date for the installation

Do you need new telephone lines and internet? We can order that for you. We are an authorized Shaw Partner which means you can order everything through us and we'll take care of all the paperwork for you.

If you are moving and you are with Shaw, we can arrange to move your telephone and internet services for you.


Once we have all the information required, we pre-configure your telephone system at our office with the information provided. That way, as we are installing it, it's all ready to go.

Step 3 - Pre-install setup

It's installation day! Downtime is nominal, and once the telephones are on your desks, they are ready to go!

Step 4 - Installation

After the telephone system is installed, we will gather everyone together for a training session. It doesn't take long, and we have excellent handouts (cheat sheets) for reference. We also have an excellent support page on our website with such things as :

  1. Printable versions of instructions
  2. Pictures
  3. Videos
  4. Manuals

Step 5 - Training

Step 6 - Support

Ongoing support is FREE! Call us or email us, we'll be there to help. Most questions that users have are on the website. If it's not there, call or email us for help. And with your permission, we can also remotely access to your telephone system to see what the issue may be. Did we mention we do this all for FREE?