Free Phone Bill Analysis and Audit

Most companies are unaware that typical monthly rates have dropped from approx. $80.00 per line to as low as $14.95 per line per month for single and multiline telephone service. As well, some internet service providers charge up to $100/month for internet speeds that are painfully slow. Why pay top dollar when you don’t need to?


We can help! We love saving our customers money. Here are a few things we look for on your telephone and internet bill.


  1. Long Distance Fees – In most cases, you can now get free long distance in North America. If not available, you should be paying no more than 4 cents a minute. And watch out for those $8.95 long distance access fees
  2. Free call display. Can you believe Telus will only give it to you if you ask!?
  3. Paying for lines that you thought had been disconnected or paying for items you no longer have or use
  4. Account fees of $7.95 per month.
  5. Contracts that have been (in some cases illegally) automatically renewed. Note: once the initial contract’s obligations have been fulfilled, and the contract has been renewed without your consent, you are within your rights to call the telephone company to have them cancel the contract.
  6. Slow internet speed at a very high cost. Minimum business internet speeds today are 25 mbps or higher.


Before you do anything, call us! It simple, it’s easy, and it will only take few minutes of your time. We’ll give you the advice you need.


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