Kent Employment Law

Clearlines has been our communication partner for over 10 years and has consistently provided prompt, dependable and friendly service. We highly recommend them!

Simon Kent

Landmark Law Group

“It is so refreshing in today’s day and age to receive fast, friendly, consistent service from a vendor.  Camille at Clearlines always responds to our requests quickly and in an upbeat and pleasant manner.  He’s our favourite vendor to deal with!”

Gail Davies

Faith Wilson Group

“We at Faith Wilson Group have been using Clearlines Telephone Co. for about 12 years. Camille is very responsive, always helpful and willing to work through any issue we may have. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Elfrieda Penner

Our busy urban sexual assault crisis line relies on having a telephone service that is utterly dependable and user friendly for many volunteers and staff that operate the system. We have used Camille at Clearlines for over 20 years and have always been completely satisfied with the prompt and respectful service. I would highly recommend them!

Louisa Russell

Vancouver Rape Relief And Women's Shelter

Pacific Bio Energy

Dependable, quick, efficient service. Would not consider anywhere else. Camille comes thru every time.

Kelly Evans

Shaw Communications

“Clearlines Telephone Company has been a top Partner with Shaw Business since 2012, and many within the company know Camille as an industry expert - focused to deliver the best solution for every client. We are proud to have Clearlines as an extension of our team!”

Jennifer Westmorland,  Partner Manager

"We have been working with Clearlines for over 11 years now and have always been satisfied with their products and customer service. Their response time is very quick which is something we appreciate. They have been very helpful by not only being friendly and available, but by also making suggestions along the way which has helped save us money in the long run."

Kendall Danggas

Pacific Law Group

"We have been using Clearlines for many years.  Camille is great he responds quickly, is extremely knowledgeable, professional and polite.  I would highly recommend Clearlines for all your communication needs."

Rhonda Sang

The Lobsterman

Granville Island