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We can do it all. We can order telephone lines and internet at a price that you can afford. We can also maintain your current system or sell you a telephone system that is easy to use and works day in - day out without interruptions.

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Our Shaw Services

We’ve been in the business for 40 years. We understand telecommunications and all the intricacies of your telephone bill. With that skill, we can make recommendations on how to save you money. As an Authorized Shaw Partner, we can also assist you with any Shaw services you might need. Although all Shaw call center agents can help you, we have a better understanding of what you need. Once we place an order on your behalf, we’ll follow the order all the way through until implementation hassle free.


IP Hybrid CLOUD Telephone Systems

Reliable IP Hybrid PBX telephone systems that work – everyday. The Panasonic system combines the reliability of digital telephone sets as well as IP sets. You can also save on your monthly telephone bill with either SIP, analog, or PRI lines.


Our (local) free tech support makes the difference. All Clearlines' customers get complimentary on-line, phone, and remote access support (where available). Have a problem? Call us! Most times we can help you fix an issue over the telephone or we will simply login to fix it.


Call us about Shaw’s special internet and telephone promo pricing. We'll get you the best prices without getting transferred from department to department or having to negotiate. Want to switch to Shaw? Send us your current provider's bill, and we'll do the rest!