Things to consider before buying a new telephone system

Here is a little more about us:

1. Is this your main business?

Yes, this is all we do - telephone systems and support. We can also order dial tone and internet services for you. Some companies either do telephones as a side business or are mostly I.T. and know little about telephone systems.

2. How are your prices?

We are not the highest, nor the lowest. However, we do offer a lot in free support afterwards.

2. What is the warranty period?

Our warranty period is 3 years. Our competitors only offer a one year warranty or if pressed, a two year warranty.

3. Is there a charge if I call you for Tech support?

Not a chance. We are happy to help at no charge. Our competitors require a credit card before they will help you. Yikes!

4. Is there a charge to access your website support pages?

No charge. In fact, most of our competitors do not even have support pages on their websites.

5. Is there a charge to remotely access my system to make a minor change?

If it's a quick fix, we are happy to do it for free at our convenience. Our competitors require a yearly maintenance contract or a credit card.

6. Can you come by and make a minor change to our system?

If you need a minor adjustment to your telephone system that we can not do remotely, we will do it at no charge the next time we drive by. Our competitors require a maintenance contract and/or will charge you regardless.

7. Is there a password Required to access our telephone system on our own?

Yes there is. You can find it on our website or we will tell you what it is in order to keep your system safe. Shockingly, our competitors will change it and not tell you what it is. That way, you are forced to call them so they can charge you to make the changes!