Shaw PRI Trunk Services

If you are looking for a stable, reliable and high-volume technology to support your voice lines, then you have come to the right place. Shaw PRI Trunk services are designed to support businesses who need multiple voice lines and data lines carried into their PBX.  We understand that business owners need stable, reliable and high-quality services, and we take pride in offering proven and reliable calling technologies at a competitive price, and with local support.

Save Money on Your Business Telephone and Internet Services

Shaw’s range of telephony services can offer substantial cost savings to businesses. They offer a three-year rate guarantee for new customers, and savings of up to 60%+ for business telephony and Internet. 

To ensure continuity and make the changeover as smooth and simple as possible, you can keep the same phone number when you move over to our services. This means that your customers won’t need to update their records and you can keep your existing marketing materials, business cards, etc.

With Shaw, there are no long-distance system access fees. The service is simple, costs are transparent, and the transfer could not be easier. 

Shaw PRI Service Features Include:

-              20 free Direct Lines

-              Add extra lines for just $1 per month

-              Forward calls to your cell phone with ease

-              Transfer calls to outside numbers

-              Have up to 23 channels per PRI with superior call quality

-              Enjoy scalable services, and the ability to transfer to next-generation SIP when needed

-              Smooth transfer - keep your existing numbers

-              Local support when you need it

Shaw has a range of plans, starting from just $300 per month for a 36-month contract.

The Benefits of PRI Trunks

PRI is a long-established, proven technology that has been in widespread use since the 1980s, and that can be used on your ISDN line to save you money while offering high-quality calls. Where some other technologies can be prone to packet loss or jitter, with PRI you are getting clear, lag-free calls. PRI also offers improved security. Since the traffic is travelling through the telephone network, rather than over the Internet, you have less exposure to security risks. For mission critical calling, this is a must.

Who Should Choose PRI Trunks?

PRI trunks are a good choice if you have a lot of people using the telephone simultaneously during peak time, because it is not bandwidth-dependent so you can be confident that everyone will get good call quality.

PRI is also a good choice if having clear quality is mission-critical for the type of business that you do.

If you need to be able to rapidly scale the number of telephone users that you have, then SIP could be a better choice than PRI, but for businesses that have a steady load and a predictable number of telephony users, PRI is a robust, proven and cost-effective solution.

We are committed to offering the best quality, the best support, and low cost calling for all of our users.

Other Service Options

In addition to our PRI trunk services, we also offer other calling options, including SmartVoice plans for flexible team management, with instant messaging, presence and conferencing features, web portals, mobile apps and more.

Our dedicated team of sales advisors is here to help you with your business telecom and Internet needs. Call us today to learn more about the range of services that we offer, and to discuss your needs. Our experienced advisors will be happy to explain the differences between our services, and help you to choose the most appropriate technology for your use case. Contact us today for a no obligation telephony services consultation.