Telephone Maintenance

Having a system down can be a nightmare for any business, causing lost revenue and countless hours of frustration. But it happens. That’s one reason why it’s important to select a business phone system from a supplier that has the capability to provide you with onsite telephone maintenance support. Our service department is ready to tackle any challenge to get your system up and running again, usually the same business day.

Prevent this from happening by scheduling a free audit of your current system. We’ll let you know of future upgrades and changes to ensure it operates trouble-free. Have an older system that still meets your needs but requires a tune-up? Clearlines can suggest upgrades to keep things running smoothly. Competitive rates and quick turn-around times help you stay connected.

Business Telephone System Sales and Service

We can set you up with a reliable new business telephone system.

Clearlines can customize a business telephone system that suits your needs and provide you with the training required to take full advantage of every feature.

When setting up a new office telephone system, we consider:

  • How many people in your organization will require phones

  • How many incoming phone lines will be needed

  • Whether you would like voicemail or auto-attendant features

  • Whether you anticipate any future growth that may affect your communications needs

  • Are there any remote offices?

  • Is the office space already wired with voice and data cabling?

We have a variety of business telephone systems available and offer no-obligation sales consultations and quotations within our service area, (Vancouver, South Burnaby, Delta, Richmond, and South Surrey) and on-site maintenance and repairs. We can even co-ordinate your new telephone service with your local dial-tone provider.


Does a Business Bundle with up to 60% savings, including unlimited North American long distance fit your business?

Whatever your business, Shaw fits your business. Shaw Phone and Internet plans ensure you do business on a reliable network. Each plan is designed to meet your unique needs.

Let us show you how. Whether you are currently with another service provider or are starting a new business, email or call us at 604-277-0022. A Clearlines representative will be happy to discuss your business needs and work out a bundle that fits you.

Switching to Shaw is easier than ever. 

  • Keep the same phone numbers when switching over

  • No long distance system access fees

  • Service agents based in British Columbia

  • 3 year rate guarantee on all new phone and internet products

  • One simple call, and we’ll do the rest!

Business Relocation

In today’s fast paced world, companies tend to outgrow their current office space. Clearlines offers a relocation service where we will uninstall the phone system in the current space and re-install it in the new location. When all goes smoothly, you system can be re-located and working in a matter of hours.

Moving a phone system involves a number of considerations.

We will come to your existing location, document the phone system configuration that you have currently, and identify any issues that you might know of prior to moving your existing telephone system.

You will also need to think about the coordination of the movement of the phone system service by your service provider so that you don’t end up out of service for a long period of time. Shaw customers have the extra advantage of calling Clearlines to co-ordinate the move of their services.

Tip: Most telco companies will allow you to re-route (call forward) your calls to a cell phone while the move is taking place. Then when the system is set back up, you get the routing re-established to your new location. This is a free service for all Shaw customers

A visit the new location may be required to determine:

Where the phone system will be re-installed, such as a separate telephone system wiring room in another part of the building, or in the suite itself. If it is in another part of the building, then we will need to determine whether the cabling exists from that location into the office area where the phones will be located.
We will check to make sure there are enough power outlets available for the system.
Whether there will be a need to run new cable and/or new outlets to the desk locations within your new office space. We also run Cat5e and Cat6 data network cable if you need that installed.
If there are existing phone outlets on the wall, we will need to determine if the outlets are wired correctly to match the requirements of your phone system.
We can upgrade your system with additional equipment cards and new phones should you need or want to do so.
A visual inspection to check for sufficient ventilation to prevent the telephone system from overheating.

Business Telephone Training

Whether it is for an existing business telephone system, or for a reliable new system from Clearlines, the guides and download resources we have provided on our support pages ensure that you have everything you need to take full advantage of every feature.

Here you will find Nortel business phone system manuals, phone feature settings walkthroughs, voicemail setup guides and more. If you do not find what you need here, please let us know and we will do our best to make it available.

If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us, we would be happy to help.

Electronic Recycling

Clearlines Recycles

Clearlines will take your old, used business telephone systems and voicemail units to be recycled. When we make an installation or maintenance visit for your existing network, we’ll take any broken or unwanted telecommunication equipment away for free. Taking care of your company’s phone systems is a hectic job. By letting us recycle your old phones, it’s one less thing for you to worry about and one less item in the landfills.

Our Electronic Recycler of Choice

We use Encorp – a non-profit corporation dedicated to electronic recycling and the environment. They’ve been serving BC since 1994 and have created a province-wide network of recycling depots for the public and for businesses. The equipment is recycled at either their Richmond (behind Home Depot) or their South Surrey locations